$299 Seller Flat Fee Service

$299 Seller Flat Fee Service

The Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, is a local database containing all properties listed for sale with Realtors. Through the MLS, Realtors “share” listings with all other Realtors, and offer compensation or a “co-broke” commission to any Realtor who brings a buyer to their listing. It is by far the most important and effective place to list a property for sale. Properties listed for sale in the Northwest Arkansas MLS are viewed by the public on Realtor.com, Zillow and many other national sites.

You list your home for sale with NWA Flat Fee Homes for $299, not 6% commission. We enter your listing in the MLS, offering a commission to any Buyer Broker who successfully sells your home (in the Northwest Arkansas area, typically 3%, but you are free to offer as little as 2%). You actively participate in the sale of your home by scheduling showings, and hosting Open House, if you desire. If a Buyer Broker sells your home, then your total cost would be the $299 you already paid us, plus the Buyer Broker commission you offered in the MLS. If a buyer contacts you directly, without a Buyer Broker involved, and they purchase your home...then your only cost was the $299 you already paid us.

How They Work | Traditional Listing Brokers

In Northwest Arkansas, most traditional Listing Brokers charge you, the seller, 6% commission for the successful sale of your home. They enter your listing in the MLS and wait for other realtors (called Buyer Brokers) to bring buyer clients to see your property. If one of the Buyer Brokers sells your property to their client, then your Listing Broker splits the 6% commission with that Buyer Broker...giving that Buyer Broker 3% (known in the industry as a “co-broke” commission), and keeping the other 3% for themself.

Sometimes, a buyer contacts your traditional Listing Broker directly; comes to see your house; then buys it directly through your Listing Broker with no other Buyer Broker involved. In this scenario, your Listing Broker keeps the entire 6% commission for himself. This business model is antiquated, and not designed to benefit the seller. This structure has not changed in decades, even as home prices have gone up. If you have a home worth $100,000, you pay 6% commission ($6,000); if you have a home worth $500,000, your still pay 6% commission ($30,000). Doesn’t sound fair, does it? Did you know that when you list your home with a traditional Listing Broker you give up your right to sell "By Owner". What does that mean? It means you will owe them the 6% commission even if you decide to sell your home directly to your own brother. Food for thought, isn’t it?

Here is the Great Part...

By listing with Flat Fee Realty, you retain the right to sell your home “By Owner”. What does that mean? If you sell your home directly to a buyer with no Buyer Broker involved (which happens all the time due to our excellent national Internet marketing), then your only cost is the $299 flat fee that you already paid us...NO ADDITIONAL commissions are due anyone!! This business model has proven wildly successful, and is most certainly, the future of the entire real estate industry.

For Sale By Owner | "FSBO"

When you choose to sell "By Owner", you do not reap the benefits of the incredible exposure provided by listing a property in the MLS. Most "By Owner" sellers advertise “agents welcome”, which means they would offer a commission to a buyer agent. Why not use our Flat Fee MLS services and expose your listing to the largest pool of buyers and buyer-agents searching for homes on the MLS and the Internet? Why advertise for sale on one or two sites, when you can advertise on hundreds?

$299 L I S T I N G P A C K A G E**

Just like traditional real estate firms, we’ll list your property in the MLS, provide a yard sign and a lock-box. We’ll also prepare a Market Analysis for you and assist you with setting an asking price. We submit our listings to hundreds of real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and more…guaranteeing you maximum Internet exposure.

A traditional real estate firm will provide the same services for a 6% fee, which is typically split between the listing broker and the buyer broker. Our $299 Flat Fee MLS service eliminates the listing broker commission, so you’ll save a minimum of 3% and you’ll retain the right to sell "By Owner" and pay no commission at all! Our web exposure actually increases your odds of selling directly to a buyer and saving a full 6%.

Our $299 listing package includes unlimited renewals at no charge and can be cancelled at any time. **Additional fees apply to the following properties: Homes with Acreage, Homes above 4,000 sq/ft, & Multi-unit Apartment Buildings. Please call the office for pricing.Ob Negotiation and Closing Services

Optional Negotiation and Closing Services - $699

Navigating a sale can be tricky! Our negotiation and closing services team will receive and review offers on your behalf, negotiate terms, draft and present counter-offers & amendments, coordinate home inspections, order title and deed, schedule closing, and review your settlement statement for accuracy. The fee for these services is paid at closing. You can add these services at any time and do not have to commit to using our team at the time of listing.